Pocket Microscopes?

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Today I want to vent my opinion about something I find truly ridiculous. This blog will be more of a rant actually than anything but sometimes that’s what you have got to do.
Today I came across an article which made me a little furious inside and generally the way the world is going (help, am I getting old?). Today I read (I will give the link below), with a little tweaking you can convert your cell phone into a microscope. Ofcourse not as detailed and specific as microscopes used in labs (I have to use all sorts of microscopes in the lab) but still you can convert them to microscopes. So you might ask what’s so infuriating about that? Crafty tool right? Actually in my opinion: NO. Who and even more WHY would you use such a thing? Why is everything getting commercialized for everyone and we just make apps and things for our cell phone to let it be something its CLEARLY NOT. It’s a cell _PHONE_, that’s it primary function! I can’t even imagine one setting in which it could come in handy to have a pocket microscope. Things under a microscope should be looked at in a professional setting (for medicine and science anyways). Are people going to far with their (useless) inventions or am I just getting old, I’ll let you decide.



4 gedachten over “Pocket Microscopes?

  1. Do not let it upset you because before you know it you will have an heart attack. I already saw a similar thing but than the person with the gadget had just one little lens that he used to make from his cellphone a magnifier. It is not bothering me yet but I shear your opinion about to much gadgets and commercialising everything.


  2. I think some things become commercialized is inevitable, I have seen many similar situation before, but, what can you do that, we seem to have no way to prevent similar things happen.


    • Yes, that’s what I’m starting to hate a little. People aren’t really “living” anymore, they let everything being taken care of or are more concerned about their image than anything else. For example: If we go on holiday, and we go visit some beautiful landscape: the first thing that comes to mind to most people, let’s take a selfie and put it on the web to show off where we’ve been, instead of really appreciating the beauty of nature and letting it sink in. Agreed, even I have a smartphone, but if I’m really honest, I just use it to text, call and occasionally look up some information on the internet (like traffic jams or when busses/trains departing hours). Maybe I’m just getting old fashioned but I like it that way.


  3. I totally understand your opinion in this matter.
    Nowadays the primary goal of a mobile phone has completely gone. If you see all those 15 year old kids, they are all running with their phones in their hands and using the internet all the time in order to check Facebook or using an app (like Snapchat). If they have to search for something important on the internet, they just ask someone else to do that for them… However, I also like to do things in the old ways.
    Also, this kind of app is really ridiculous. Why should people need a pocket microscope anyways?
    Actually, I think we are just a dominating species in this world that just creates what he wants in order to make our lives more easy (as I have said more or less in the comment section of your previous post) and that is maybe also the problem to this problem. We are getting too lazy and maybe something has to happen in order to change this situation.


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