Sleeping beauty

Hello everyone,

In this week’s blog I want to put my focus on something everyone probably heard and thought about: Cryogenic sleeping or less scientificly said: Freezing someone for X-amount of time, only to wake up in another new society, years from now with hopefully new medical breakthroughs and treatments.
(Fair and square, the credits for this week’s topic won’t go to me but to one of my readers which gave me the idea (you know who you are 😉 ).

While searching google and some more scientifc related websites I came across the story of Kim Suozzi, a 23 year-old student with a highly aggresive form of  terminal brain cancer. She made a post about it on Reddit and comments followed quickly, supporting her every needs for the time remaining. One of the comments though, got her interested in cryogenic preservation. With nothing to lose and the financial help from reddit, she got the costs she needed to cover the expenses and let herself be incased by ice after she clinically passed away.

Link to the article:

All in all, would you even consider this, if finances wouldn’t be an issue? Will science be able to “revive” these patients and cure them from their diseases in the future or do you think this plan is foolish and wasted money and research?

If you have an opinion about this, feel free to comment below!

See you next week!


7 gedachten over “Sleeping beauty

  1. I think the idea of doing it is a little bit egocentric and therefore I believe it is not only wasted money and research, but also wasted electricity and energy.
    Nevertheless the idea is very cool, and if I could look at it from a purely personal standpoint, I would say that I would do it when I am about to die. Not to get healed in the future, but just to see what the future looks like and die over there. (Of course family and friends taken in consideration).


  2. I do not think it is a good idea for people who want to live linger, but maybe we can use this technology to treating patients. But if it succeed, the question is whether they can adapt to the life after.


  3. I also wouldn’t consider to sustain a cryogenic sleep. If researchers are even able to revive a cryogenic sleeped human body, everything will be changed. There will not only new breakthroughs in medicine, but also all your friends, parents, etc. might be passed away. Actually you have to start all over again. Consequently, I don’t think this is an ethical relevant topic for the human being.
    Furthermore, I think you can actually compare this topic with a recent research of NASA ( where they have reproduced the conditions on test persons when astronauts are coming back to earth. The guy that participated in this study said that the first day were funny because he had to lie in bed all the time and could watch TV whenever he wanted. But after some days, he got bored and wanted to get some visit which was restricted. In the first place, it was mentally a hard time. After some time, he was told to get up and he had quite some difficulties with walking, etc. He concluded that this was mentally and physical a hard time and wouldn’t do it again. This result can probably be pervaded to the resurrection of that person and will be ethically not relevant to us as human beings. Nobody deserves that faith to stand alone in this world.


    • I second those opinions, when I go on camp in the vacation afterwards I always fall in a black hole. I’m to afraid that when I would be frozen I would get the same feeling but than a thousand times stronger.


  4. I feel probably the same way as Matthijs on this matter, however I do think I would try and fit in afterwards. While I agree with you Andy about noone should be alone in this place, I still believe it will be ok. Everyone has moments in their life where they start alone at something (a new job, associations and other activities you just joined), and yes in the beginning you get the feeling you you don’t know anyone, but after a while you will allways get to know some people or meet someone new… Humans are social beings and whatever way you turn, you will allways get to know new people where ever you go, whether you probably like it or not, so why not in 1000 years from now?


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