Dries Verhelst’s Pliocenic Park?

Hello everyone,

Continuing on the last blog and within the context of cloning I want to discuss an article I found recently surfing the internet, looking for some interesting topics. Based on my previous blog, we established that most (all?) of us are against reproductive cloning but what about cloning animals and more in particular extinct animals?
Following article describes the discovery of an almost intact wooly mammoth carcass in Siberia (May 2013),preserved in the permafrost.


The obvious goal of this discovery is to examine the female matriach (named Buttercup) further and discover some more details about it however scientists are also trying to recreate its genome and reproduce the whole animal.
Based on this article do you think this is a good idea, reproducing extinct animals and walk among for example mammoths once more? Maybe we can give some extinct animals a new chance to exist and “rebalance” the fauna or should history remain history and movies like Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park (yes I admit it sounds better than Pliocenic Park*) fiction?

article: http://www.livescience.com/48769-woolly-mammoth-cloning.html

*Pliocenic Park: Mammoths lived from the Pliocene Epoch (from around 5 million years ago) into the Holocene at about 4,500 years ago in Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America. (based on Wikipedia)


10 gedachten over “Dries Verhelst’s Pliocenic Park?

  1. I do not know whether the return of a mammoth is a good idea. But I definitely like to see the mammoth if the scientists manage to bring it alive. However I do not know if it is a good idea. This subject reminds me of the people who freeze their body or head to be brought alive in the future.


    • No I do not have a scientific reasoning behind it. But bringing a species back to live will probably have some negative consequences as well. Maybe with bringing back the mammoth you would bring back a really dangerous virus or something.


      • they could bring back positive things aswell, as I read in the article they possess bloodcells which can withstand cold temperatures. But I get your point, they should somehow try to track and predict the influences these animals would have on the modern world first before ressurecting.


  2. I don’t think its a smart idea. They died for a reason. I don’t know the history but if you mix fauna , flora and animals of a different time period it will not end well. There is an evolution of fauna, flora and animals. It’s like mixing the first human-like people with us. It just will not work.


  3. Okey, and what about creatures which became extinct solely due to hunting them down? for example some tiger races? My point is we could use this technique not only on animals which died millions years ago but maybe also animals which became extinct 10-20 years ago due to humans.


  4. Theoretically, clone some extinct animals may be feasible, but the possibility of using cloning technology to save extinct animals is very small. The difficult of cloning technical is very big, and the number for the cloning experiments is very small. Even if the clone is successful, just increase the number of animals, and the vitality of life must rely on genetic. Even the best individual, if continuous replication, it will become the most incompetent individuals. This kind of animals could be again toward extinction.


    • And let’s say in the perfect world in which with new science it would be technically feasible (I agree, It’s not really feasible right now to clone a herd of mammoths). What’s your opinion then?


  5. As mentioned in the comment section of your previous post, i am an adversary against cloning animals, even if they are extincted over 5 million years. Suppose that we are able to clone animals that are extincted that long, at which place are we going to put them in order to provide them a good life? In my opinion, the ressurection of those extincted animals will also not exist too long due to an intervention by humans. We have helped to whipe out several kinds of animals due the food industry.
    You also asked somewhere in this comment section someone’s opinion about reviving animals that are extincted 10 or 20 years ago due to human. In my opinion, this is not relevant to revive those species, because we will all kill them again as I mentioned before.


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